Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Mission Impossible

I know it's a little late for this but I have meaning to make my Mission/ Project impossible project list for the year. I already have one down.

1. Finish Canzona Mittens by February 1st-Done! Finished two days before.Done in Reynolds Whiskey. I loved the yarn but the light blue was slightly fluffier and I think created some slight tension issues with regard to the smoothness of the color work. However the uneveness goes away when I am wearing them. They are warm but not as warm as the mittens I made out of Lambs Pride Bulky.
2. Finish Wicked. I started this in August and got stuck on the sleeves- I bought metal needles which goes quicker than bamboo. I want to finish this buy end of February inorder to get two months wear.
3. Finish Flower Basket Shawl
4. Finish toe ups
5. Maria's socks before graduation
6. Make a noni-bag.
7. try and make a sweater/vest with true fair-isle knitting
8. Learn to drop spindle
9. learn how to weave in ends better
10. Knit with Malabrigo, it looks so lovely!
11. Understand guage and make a project in which my guage is different and fits!
12. Learn and understand more about short rows.

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