Thursday, January 10, 2008

A word about college packing and knitting.

A quick christmas shot of my brother and mom with their handmade socks. One of the best moments of Christmas was seeing them both open their pairs!

Jeff's are basic sock recipe by Yarn Harlot in Austermen Step and Mom's the Lacy Anklet from Lace Style in Regia Silk (were originally made for me but they were a bit too small, fit my mom perfectly!)
Tomorrow I go back to college (technically a friend's apartment until the dorms open on Sunday but that isn't knitting related).

Anyway on to packing. When you go to school you have limited space and time for knitting so before you go back you must consider your projects and other knitting related items carefully. Here is what I have:

Projects: (on the needles)

-Wicked (need to finish this before the weather gets warm)

-Canzona mittens (will take with me in the car tomorrow)

-Toe up socks

-Flower Basket Shawl (large chance this won't get much worked on because you have to focus)

Yarn for other projects:

-Maria's sock yarn (need to have socks done by May for graduation) It's from the Knittery (pink and green for Delta Zeta!)

-Alpaca Silk from Knit Picks in flower garden.

-Cotton thread for provisional cast ons and life lines

Then bring the basic books: Victorian Lace Today, yarn Harlot recipe book (one with orange cover), The book of yarn (possibly) and patterns needed (I put them in a folder as to not take my entire 3 ring binder of print outs)

Then my needles and notions. Sounds good.

Now for some pictures!
This is the Andre scarf in which I turned into a pillow because I would have never finished it otherwise. It was a gift for my brother James and the first project in which I really did intarsia.Jeff's Socks finished after a near of being on the needls. He loved them so much he wore them for four days!

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